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Tax credits for individuals with Impaired Walking

Walking Impairment

If You Have Decreased Mobility Due to a Walking Impairment, You Can Start Claiming Your Expenses Today!

Do you find yourself physically drained after walking a fair distance?
Does it take you an inordinate amount of time to walk even with the appropriate therapy, medication, and devices?

CLICK HERE if your restricted mobility is affecting your day-to-day activities.

People who are unable to walk end up spending extra money every day on accessibility services, so the government allows these people to deduct these costs and get a bigger refund at the end of the year. However, most people don’t know that this program is not limited to men and women who are completely unable to walk.
If your restricted mobility while walking is slowing you down on a day-to-day basis and taking you an inordinate amount of time walk, you are entitled to receive money back from the government.
An inordinate amount of time means that walking takes significantly longer than the average person who does not have the impairment to walk the same distance. 

Are You Markedly Restricted? 

Examples of markedly restrictions in walking:

·You can walk 100 metres or one city block, but only by taking an inordinate amount of time, stopping because of shortness of breath or because of pain.
·You have cases of fatigue, lack of coordination and problems with balance. 

Do You Find it Difficult to Move Around?
If you have a walking impairment, you know that it forces you to put more time and effort in what you do. For this reason, even if you have a mild walking impairment, you may qualify for this credit which may result in paying less taxes and receiving a bigger return.

Remember that you don't need a severe walking impairment to qualify. It is possible that you can qualify and receive benefits from the walking component of the Disability Tax Credit. So do not hesitate to see if yo are eligible, because you may qualify.

What Next?
Feel free to contact us 905 789 8827 and we can set up an initial free consultation. We at Blackthorn have the experience and knowledge to take you through this process. We are dedicated to help you get all the money you deserve if you are eligible for the tax credit.  

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