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Visual Impairment

Visual Impairment

If your vision is restricting you from performing your day-to-day activities, you may qualify for the Disability Tax Credit

You don’t have to be blind in order qualify for the Disability Tax Credit. If you as much as have trouble performing everyday activities because of poor eyesight, you may qualify for this tax credit.
If your eyesight is restricting you in any way 
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Do You Have Trouble Seeing Even With Glasses?
Visual Impairment
If you have tried prescription glasses or contacts, but they are not enough to give you full vision, then you will likely qualify for the Disability tax credit.

Do You Have Trouble Driving, Reading, or Operating Devices?

There are countless expenses related to your vision problems that can be claimed on your taxes, and at Blackthorn Bookkeeping we are dedicated to identifying them for you!
You deserve a bigger tax return if, for instance, your poor eyesight prevents you from driving and you are forced to take public transit or even change your place of residence. All your moving expenses can be deducted in your Disability Tax Credit.
Reading and operating computers, phones and televisions are abilities with value that cannot be overestimated, especially in today’s high-tech and online world. When poor vision hinders this ability, every aspect of your life is affected. For this reason, you can claim the cost of any additional service or equipment that you purchase in order to help you perform these activities. This includes but is not limited to employment of note-takers to assist with reading and writing, or voice-recognition software.
If you have to pay for these services, you deserve to get more money back from the government, and our staff at Blackthorn Bookkeeping can help you.

Remember you don't need to have a severe case of blindess to be eligible. If your vision is restricting you from performing your day to day activities, you may qualify for the Disability Tax Credit. Click HERE NOW to see if you qualify, because you could be missing out on thousands of dollars!
Blackthorn Bookkeeping
If you feel you pay too much in taxes in addition to the costs surrounding your visual impairment, you have come to the right place. The professionals at Blackthorn Bookkeeping have the experience and know-how to efficiently and courteously provide you with maximum savings on your tax return. Remember you don't need a severe visual impairment to apply. If your visual impairment is affecting your day to day activities, than you could qualify. 
If you want to file your Disability Tax credit with us, or if you simply want more information about its benefits, contact us for a free consultation today!

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