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Free tax return filing compliments of Training Business Pros!
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FREE Personal Tax Filing

Compliments of Training Business Pros

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Your time is precious. Rather than spending it dealing with inevitable tax filing, you'll be able to take advantage of saved time by letting the experts handle it for you...FREE! Simply enter your information, along with the promotion code you received from Training Business Pros.
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Your money is YOUR money! By registering for your FREE tax filing, which you received free of charge with your training from Training Business Pros, you can rest assured that you aren't losing YOUR money to the government. Keep what's yours.
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FREE Personal Tax Filing
Compliments of Training Business Pros!
It's that time of year, again. Tax season. But this year is different. Because this year you have an opportunity to have your personal taxes filed for FREE compliments of Training Business Pros!*

Save Time and Money! It's simple, all you have to do is fill out your information and your promo code. That's it! Then you can leave your FREE Tax Return to your tax professionals.

Imagine keeping more of YOUR money in your pocket just by letting experts handle your tax preparation.

This year, enjoy tax season knowing that you will have your FREE!
* This credit is only valid for new clients only who have filled out the online web form for a 'FREE Personal Tax Credit Compliments of Training Business Pros'. Ontario residents only. Credit is only valid for the filing of ONE Personal Tax Filing. This credit is redeemable for PERSONAL tax filing, T1 general and T slips only and does not include filing for: Business (T-2125 Sole Proprietorship), Rental Property (T-776), Business Vehicle Expenses (Business Auto), Employment Expenses (T-2200) or Similar T Statements. Please call 905 789 8827 for more details.

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