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Are you paying a huge portion of your yearly income to taxes?  

Are your savings being negatively impacted by this large amount of tax dollars coming out of your pocket?

If you could learn about the various income tax credits in which you qualify for that could significantly lower your income taxes and keep more money in your pockets, would you take advantage of them?

Here at Blackthorn Bookkeeping, we are here to not only understand the income tax credit and all its applications, but also guide you in developing an excellence strategy to take full advantage of the tax credits available to you.

This is your opportunity to get all your finances organize, as well as get your money back from taxes that you are not required to pay using this tax credit that Blackthorn Bookkeeping will identify you with.

In Today’s Economy...

The global recession has affected the Canadian economy and as a result, the Government of Canada has placed key regulations to help keep the economy performing at high levels.

One of the regulations used by the government is the tax credit. This tax credit is designed to assist Canada’s citizens, such as yourself, to deal with today’s state of business.

There are countless income tax credit opportunities available to you that you may not know about. And since the Canadian income tax credit is changing every day, Blackthorn Bookkeeping is constantly staying up-to-date with these changes in an effort to be the first to inform you of these changes and see how your income tax credit has changed.

Contact us at Blackthorn Bookkeeping and discover how you could put more money back into your pockets using the income tax credit applicable to you.

What Is an Income Tax Credit and How Does it Work?

An income tax credit is an amount that is deducted from your total taxes payable to the government. The higher your income tax credit amount, the lower the amount of income tax you owe. In some cases, you will be able to receive a refund from the government.

Types of Income Tax Credits Available:
Contact us at Blackthorn Bookkeeping and for a free consultation appointment and find out how the income tax credits system can help you.
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Bonus: Did you ever hear about the Disability Tax Credit and how it could apply to you? It’s quite surprising to see how many people actually qualify for this tax credit and receive a much larger income tax refund.

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