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T2 Tax Preparation Course

Take Advantage of Professional Training to Get Where You Want to Be

Are you searching that desired job with the belief that corporate tax preparation training is just what you need in your resume?

Do you want to offer an additional service that can place your business above the rest and enable you to earn MORE MONEY?

Looking to increase your income by becoming your very own corporate tax preparation service? 

Come and discover what it takes to be tax preparer for business and corporate tax. You will be learning from business professionals who are currently working in the field of taxes. You will get applicable knowledge as you will learn personally from those who’ve done it. 

This course is based on computer software that you will need to be successful.  It will focus on the study of tax laws, procedures and forms, business tax, and tax computations using tax    software. Also you will learn the processes of e-filing and its requirements.


*The course dates are in the "Upcoming Events" calendar.*

Who is this for?

  • Small and medium business owners who are looking to prepare income tax returns internally instead of outsourcing resulting in a lot of money saved.
  • Bookkeepers or accountants who are looking to expand their services preparing taxes for businesses
  • People who want an increased knowledge of the Canadian tax system

Get ready to learn...

 tax preparer

   => How to compile corporate tax returns

   => How to calculate business and corporate tax returns

   => The Canadian Income Tax Act and the HST implications that are involved

   => How to practically apply your tax knowledge


Why You NEED to Come:

Learning about the intricacies of tax preparation for business and corporate taxes, for it will definitely give you the edge you need to be ahead of the pact. Practical knowledge is better than theoretical and you will learn the practical fundamentals of corporate taxes. You will be able to apply what you’ve learned and turn your knowledge into results, for you personally or your business.
This is a great opportunity that you cannot pass up! It’s a course where you will learn the ins and outs of tax preparation in the world of corporate and business tax.

*Note* If you are looking to apply with limited knowledge of QuickBooks software it is recommended that you take the QuickBooks Basic and Quick Books Advanced level before applying.

All successful students in completing the course will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.  Study guides and shortcuts will be available for your convenience.
SIGN UP TODAY as there is limited seating. You do not want to miss out on an opportunity this GRAND! Become the tax preparer you’ve always wanted to be and discover how many business and employment opportunities will open up for you.

Regular Price for this Course: $394 + HST

*The course dates are in the "Upcoming Events" calendar.*


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