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 T1 Personal Tax Preparation Training
tax preparer
  • Are you aiming for that desired job and are looking for tax preparation skills to boost your resume?
  • Do you feel you could take back more from your taxes and do you want the knowledge to do that?
  • Do you realize the opportunities in tax preparation that will help your business grow?

Discover the simplicity of personal tax preparation when you have access to the best software accompanied by the thorough knowledge of that software and the taxes that apply. Enable yourself to take care of your own taxes and know how the tax system works.

This exceptional training course will provide you with all the tools to be your own personal tax preparation service. Don’t waste your money on someone who does not care. Enable yourself to take care of your own taxes and take control of what you will return. 
Imagine the employment and business opportunities that will open up for you when you master the science of personal tax preparation!
*The course dates are in the "Upcoming Events" calendar.*

tax preparerWho is it for?
  •  Small – medium business owners looking to make their income tax preparation internal and save their costs to outsource it.
  •  Bookkeepers looking to expand their services (and value), by offering personal tax-prep services.
  •  Individuals looking to take control of their own taxes and gain knowledge on the Canadian Income Tax System.
 Individuals looking to become individual tax return preparers.
Are you skeptical in your tax preparer’s ability to put together an income tax return worth your money? It turns out that you’re not alone, as many people go through the same stress. 

Maybe you’re looking for a career that is in high demand? Because of the general shift of power from the organization toward the individual, tax preparation has become a huge skill to learn and service that is in popular demand.  The importance of saving money is at an ALL-TIME HIGH.

SAVE MONEY by learning to do your OWN taxes!
Take advantage of this trend and enable yourself to prepare your own taxes, as well as other tax returns.

What will you learn?
 tax preparer
  • The information needed to prepare most personal tax returns.
  • Introduction to taxation.
  • Introduction to employment income.
  • Introduction to investment income and its tax implications.
  • Fundamentals of taxation and RRSP’s
  • Fundamentals of taxation and Student Credits
  • All other credits and tax deductions

If know anyone that would be interested in signing up for this incredible course, let them know. It is absolutely for anyone with a desire to learn about tax preparation.
This course is designed for you to succeed. Register quickly as there are LIMITED SEATS AVAILABLE.
Register for your course TODAY! You can check our upcoming events calendar and choose a date that best suits you.

*The course dates are in the "Upcoming Events" calendar.*

Regular price for this course: $397 + HST