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Student Grants

Imagine the Possibilities of Starting Your Own Business This Summer!

Earn Up to $3000 in Student Grants and Go Beyond the Average Summer Job

Have you ever thought about starting your own business? The freedoms that accompanies owning your own business are endless. You have the ability to manage your own hours, and even better you can focus on achieving your own goals.

"If you don't build your dream, someone

will hire you to help build theirs"

- Tony Gaskins

Start right now! Stop looking for a summer job, let's face it, you probably weren't too thrilled on going to a JOB all summer anyways. Start your own BUSINESS where the government can actually pay you to turn your ideas into your very own business.
Do What You Love!
When you work for yourself you get call the shots. You can choose to do something you love, while making money! This way you will be able to build your career around YOU and your life, rather than building your life around your career.
Unlimited Opportunity to Earn Money
When you work a summer job, it is predetermined how much you are going to earn that summer...

(Time You Work) X (Your Hourly Pay) - (Taxes)

The average student very rarely comes out with $3000 anyways, so why not apply for $3000 in student grants from the government and build your own dream, instead of working on someone elses'.
Start Now!
Think about it this way: the government is PAYING you start your own business! How great is that? And if you start now, you can build yourself a business that can support you and your career opportunities. You will always have job security, because, well, you're the boss!

Want to start YOUR OWN Business this Summer,

instead of working another summer job?

Simply enter your name and email and we will send you more information on how you can get the process started

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