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Fight traffic violations- parking, speeding, etc.-offences with ease

Received a Traffic Ticket?

Resolve it with Professional Service

Traffic tickets are very common, and can be detrimental to your driving record and insurance rates. They can be issued for any number of reasons, but are generally divided into two categories: parking violations and moving violations, such as speeding offences. Moving violations are the more serious of the two, convey stiffer punishments, and happen while the vehicle is in movement.

As a driver, you are responsible for following all the laws and regulations of the road. You also can be charged by law enforcement should they believe that you did NOT comply with driving laws.

Very commonly, people are pulled over for driving beyond the speed limit and fined for speeding offences. Speeding offences happen so frequently, yet they still hold a substantial penalty.

Unfortunately, each traffic ticket a driver receives will affect their driving record, and increase insurance premiums. It could also result in a fine, or accumulation of demerit points.

Even if you believe that you are guilty of violating traffic laws, you should try and fight any charges regardless of the matter. Whether it is a minimal parking tickets, or expensive speeding offences, making sure that you resolve any traffic violations will help you to keep a clean driving record and minimal insurance bill.

Having access to a legal plan can save you time and money…

“My wife got a letter saying she was two years late on a parking ticket that she never received. She called the Law Firm, and they told her to call and what to say and the ticket was dropped”

With a legal plan, all you have to do is pick up your phone and call your attorney and they will then examine your case and help you look for a solution. Now you don’t have to worry you’re spending MORE money on problem that can’t even be solved. Get legal advice on everything from the traumatic to the trivial.

Unfair denial of claims by car insurance?

Have you ever been an accident, or maybe needed repairs done on your vehicle? Most of us have. As mentioned before on the topic of speeding offences, even though car accidents are extremely common, the cost of auto repairs is quite high. Now, have you ever been asked to pay an amount that didn’t feel was fair, or should have been covered by insurance? Unfortunately, most of us have been in this situation as well. What can you do?  Getting a lawyer’s support on the problem will cost more than paying the denied claim…

Here’s another testimonial, “Everything went very well! The overcharge from [finance company] is now zeroed out. [My provider firm] did a great job in advising me and the letter written by [my provider attorney]. [He] really set them straight!!!! I didn't think I would use my membership so fast, but I am glad I did. I saved $323.97, and I am happy I have my LegalShield membership to protect and help me and my family!”

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