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Speech Impairment

Speech Impairment

Your Speech Impairment Can Qualify You for the Disability Tax Credit!
Speech Impairment, tax credit

Are you restricted when you speak?

Does it take you an inordinate amount of time to speak?

Then you may qualify for the Disability Tax Credit!

If, for a long period of time, you have had problems speaking due to a impairment or disorder of any kind, you can claim the related expenses and get a huge refund from the government! 

If your speaking is restricting you and causing you an inordinate amount of time to speak, 
Click HERE to fill out a questionnaire so you can start getting the money you deserve.


 Could I Have A Speech Impairment?

If it is taking you an inordinate amount of time to speak as to be understood by another person, in a quiet setting, even with the appropriate therapy, medication, and devices, than you may qualify for the credit. 
Speech impairment disorders include, but are not limited to:
  • lisps
  • stutters
  • dysarthria
  • aphasia
  • speech impediments
What Kinds of Costs Can I Deduct?

Speech impairments can present an ongoing struggle that is often only alleviated by regular therapy. If everyday tasks in your life are made more difficult due to your speech impairment, and you are forced to spend your hard-earned money on services and products, you deserve to pay less in taxes, or even get a refund from the government.
The cost of any therapy you receive as treatment for your impairment can be claimed within the Disability Tax Credit system. This includes occupational therapists and speech and language pathologists.
If you have purchased any other equipment or services that alleviate the problems that your speech impairment  causes, you can claim these as well!
These may include:
  • Altered auditory feedback devices
  • Bliss symbol boards
  • Electronic speech synthesizers
  • Laryngeal speaking aids
How Do I Get My Refund?

The professionals at Blackthorn Bookkeeping are fully prepared to get you your refund by:
  • Helping you get the right documentation from your certified medical practitioner
  • Identifying and filing all the appropriate expenses
  • Completing and processing your Disability Tax Credit application, while keeping you updated on its status
  • Providing you with the best possible refund with your tax return
We can offer you all of this at minimal cost, so that you can remain stress-free and confident that you are benefitting from all the tax breaks that are available to you.
Remember, you can file your Disability Tax Credit application at any time throughout the year – not just tax season! In addition, the taxation experts at Blackthorn Bookkeeping welcome you to come in for a free consultation when it is most convenient for you. Contact us today and start saving on your taxes!

Remember you don't need a severe speech impairment to be eligible. All we ask you to do is fill out a questionnaire. If you are eligible for the tax credit we will help you claim the money you deserve.

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