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An Incredible Sales Tax Credit

Start Receiving A New Sales Tax Credit From the Government

Did You Know…


Sales Tax Credit

Did you know that you could qualify for a Sales Tax Credit in Ontario? 

The refund you receive for this Sales Tax Credit can be used, for example, to renovate your home. It will add more value to your home, which is exactly what you need when you intend to sell your house.

You can also use the Sales Tax Credit to pay down credit cards, take a vacation that’s long over-due, or simply make ends meet. 

We know that the recent recession has made it difficult to pay all your bills, but the Sales Tax Credit can be a great relief available to you!


Ontario Government

The Ontario Government is introducing new regulations involving tax laws and the Sales Tax Credit, which are designed to help low and middle income earners in Canada to have a better life.

Are you a middle or low income individual or family? If so, then Sales Tax Credit applies to YOU. Many people are unaware of this Sales Tax Credit or they are not sure if they qualify for it.

Our job here at Blackthorn Group is to inform you about the Sales Tax Credit and other tax credits for which you are eligible.


How Much Is The Sales Tax Refund?

The amount you receive from the Sales Tax Credit will be based on your net income or your family’s combined net income. The size of your family will also be taken into consideration when it is being approved. The Sales Tax Credit is worth up to $260 a year for each adult and child in low to middle income classes. This refund is non-taxable, so you can receive the full amount and use it for your necessities.

How to Apply for the Sales Tax Credit

At Blackthorn Bookkeeping, we are a group of professionals awaiting your paperwork to file your Sales Tax Credit with your return quickly and at a very low cost. We will also give you the advice you need to get the best refund possible with your Sales Tax Credit. We specialize in sales tax credits and other tax credits.


Which Spouse Should Claim the Sales Tax Credit?

If you are a single parent, you can claim the Sales Tax Credit. If you are married, in a common-law relationship or living with a partner, then only one person can claim or apply for this credit. Only the spouse with the most income can file for the Sales Tax Credit, and only one of you can also file for the dependent child/children.


Payment Schedule for the Sales Tax Credit

The payment for the Sales Tax Credit will be one lump sum as a refund after filing your taxes and the payments will be given out each quarter of the year (August, November, February and May).

GST/HST Credits

The Ontario Tax Credit is not related to the GST/HST credit you receive. However, by way of filing your tax return, you are entitled to receive a GST /HST Credit.


Blackthorn Group

We have an incredible team of professionals ready to provide you with services regarding tax credit, filing, and bookkeeping. Contact us to book your free consultation appointment.

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