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Presentation Marketing

You Have the Knowledge, But Can You Present it?
Presentation Marketing Is An Integral Part of Any Business Plan

Career Opportunities In a Growing Field

presentation marketingPresentation marketing is the key to corporate success for any business as well as for any individual looking to become an asset to an expanding team. Presentation marketing has become a specialized skillset and unique marketing tool, which has led to its emergence as a new and exciting trend in marketing.

In today’s corporate world, it is impossible to underestimate the value of getting the edge on the competition. Presentation marketing provides this edge by fostering optimal visual and auditory presentation techniques, so that you can communicate your ideas and initiatives in the most effective manner.

Having a high quality product or service on the market means nothing if you can’t present it convincingly to clients and investors, and this is why businesses around the world are tapping into presentation marketing as a gateway to financial growth. Blackthorn Bookkeeping is committed to remaining ahead of the curve by creating career opportunities for individuals in this field.

Skills and Benefits

presentation marketing
Even if you don’t have extensive knowledge or training in presentation marketing, 
you could have the qualities we are looking for right now! 
You could be a professional with the potential to be a great presenter if you have:
  • An outgoing personality and a good sense of humour
  • A passion for creativity
  • A confident and energetic demeanour
  • A positive attitude
  • In depth knowledge on a certain topic about which you are passionate

At Blackthorn Bookkeeping, these traits will develop into specialized presentation marketing skills as you learn from our highly-skilled professionals. Soon you will master presentation marketing, with the ability to lead well-structured presentations that:
  • Engage and hold the audience’s attention
  • Creatively communicate ideas with humour and personal appeals
  • Are supported by simple visuals that are pleasing to the eye
  • Inform and persuade the audience with essential information and no filler

Most importantly, you will conduct yourself with the confidence that gives rise to great presentation marketing – the confidence that, in turn, your audience will have in you and your product!

Why Blackthorn Bookkeeping?

We want to work with you! Blackthorn Bookkeeping provides a positive environment that will challenge you as well as cater to your specific needs in the field of presentation marketing, so that you can reach your full potential.

If you are an industry professional with all the right knowledge in your particular field, but you have come to a dead end, Blackthorn Bookkeeping is your solution. We are fully equipped to give you the presentation marketing skills that will break through the barriers in your professional career.

Blackthorn Bookkeeping is the perfect place to pursue presentation marketing because we, too, are rapidly expanding!
If you are tired of unsatisfying jobs and are looking for an exciting, fun and fast-paced career in presentation marketing, send us your resume and cover letter for the position you ae interested in as directed below.!

Send us your resume/cover letter to hrd@blackthornbookkeeping.com. Due to a high volume of applicants, only individuals selected for an interview will be contacted.

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