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“Craig's courses are amazing and you will leave saying to yourself, thank goodness I signed up for that course. I learned a lot of valuable information that I can use immediately to grow my business and save lots of money on taxes. Not only that, I left with many new ideas that I can use to start other businesses and make the wealth I seek obtainable in a relatively short time. I am recommending these courses to all my friends, family and business contacts. If you want to get the things you desire in life, Craig can really help you achieve your dreams. I highly recommend these quality, life changing courses.

Paul Krane, Toronto

Tuition for this course is currently $499 $39.

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CEO, Blackthorn Group
Craig DunkerleyPay Less Tax; Put More Money in Your Pocket!Seminar
Just give us two and a half hours and you will realize themassive tax savings that you could receive!
Are you looking at your pay cheque and not believing the amount of money being taxed away from you?

Did you ever think about the amount of money you could have left over if you could receive large tax savings?
It’s no surprise that the majority of people live from pay cheque to pay cheque, trying to save as much as they can and invest their hard-earned money into RRSPs. It also isn’t a surprise that a large portion of these people don’t see full retirement when they plan to.

This is the harsh reality of today’s economy. A large tax savings seems almost impossible today, especially if you work under somebody else. However, part of today’s reality is that there are many other methods in which your employment situation could get you a massive tax savings benefit at the end.
Pay Less Tax; Put More Money in Your Pocket Seminar!
By showing you the ways of achieving your desired tax savings, this extraordinary seminar walks you through these methods of achieving such great tax savings.

These methods include claiming expenses on your tax return that you never thought you could claim before, as well as the opportunities in making much more money and different types of income streams that could increase the size of your pockets.

Our highly successful 2.5 hour seminar course ($497 Value) is being offered for a limited time at the exceptionally low price of $39 Through Kijiji Deals.

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In this Seminar You Will Learn:
How to deduct almost everything on your tax return and pay less tax

How to make tons of money in today's economy

The newest trends in business that will drop your jaw and how you can profit from them

You do not need to be a full/part-time employee to realize the amount of tax savings that you can achieve. Realizing your potential for saving big on taxes is absolutely for everybody.

Whether you’re an employee, manager, or already self-employed, this seminar is your opportunity to realize the many methods of reducing your taxes and achieving immense tax savings. Seeing just how much tax savings you can accumulate through claiming certain expenses, as well as business opportunities out there, is what you will find in this seminar, in addition to discussions about many other business and tax savings opportunities.
Who is the Seminar For?Why You Need to Come...
It is quite simple. Stop with the struggling of paying your bills and obligations and having very little left over. Take charge and control your own money, the money that you worked to get. Legally stop giving almost half of your pay cheque to the government in form of taxes. Learn to achieve those tax savings and keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket, and learn to make more money from new opportunities all at the same time.

Don’t be surprised when you look at next year’s tax return and realize ALMOST ALL of your money staying in your pockets through these immense tax savings.
Share this Deal With Your Friends and Bring Them Along!
If you know someone who could also benefit from these great tax savings, as well as earning a higher income, share this Kijiji deal with them. Like I mentioned before, this seminar is absolutely for everyone and anyone, regardless of position and age. It is never too late to achieve those desired tax savings.

There are many opportunities out there to have you earning more income, as well as keeping more of that income away from taxes and in your pockets.
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Another testimonial Here!
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