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Mobility Impairment

Mobility Impairment

If you are restricted in your mobility and it’s taking you an inordinate amount of time to move, you may qualify for the tax credit.
Is your restricted mobility affecting you from performing your day-to-day activities effectively?
Do you find you have a difficult time doing the simplest activities?
If you have a restricted mobility issue CLICK HERE and we can start the process of you receiving the money you deserve.
Some people have a hard time performing their daily activities, because of restricted mobility; especially when it comes to important activities. That sometimes results in continuous assistance from devices or people. Do you need assistance to perform simple activities? Then you may qualify.
Types of Mobility Impairments

Feeding- if it takes you an inordinate amount of time to feed yourself even with the appropriate therapy, medication or devices then you may qualify.
It includes:
-The act of preparing your food
- Using devices or modified utensils 

Dressing - If it takes you an inordinate amount of time to get dressed you may qualify for the credit.
This includes but not limited to:

-Using devices such as buttonhooks, long-handled shoehorns, grab rails, safety pulls, and other such devices

Remember that you don't need a severe impairment to qualify. It is possible that you can qualify and receive benefits from the mobility component of the Disability Tax Credit. 
CLICK HERE to see if you are eligible for this credit. Don't hesitate!

Which Expenses Can I Claim?

With the Disability Tax Credit, you can claim the expenses related to your mobility impairment. Depending on the severity of your impairment, this may include, but is not limited to:
·Bathroom aids (i.e handrails)
·Braces for a limb or specialized footwear
·Power-operated stairway chairs
·Crutches and other walking aids
·Electrotherapy or environmental control systems
·Orthopaedic shoes, boots and inserts
·Renovation, construction, or moving expenses
·Scooters and wheelchairs
What Is the Next Step?

The professionals at Blackthorn Bookkeeping have the knowledge and experience to take you through the whole process of applying and receiving your tax credits for the mobility impairment component.
You don’t have to wait until you file your tax return to apply for the mobility impairment component of the Disability Tax Credit. You can file your application at any time of the year, so contact us today for a free consultation and find out how much money you are entitled to receive. You can contact us at 905 789 8827.

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