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Take Advantage of Unlimited Legal Assistance that
Protects You and Your Family

Do you want the legal protection that every family is entitled to?

Would you like to have access to unlimited legal advice, on any topic, no matter how big or small?

Are you frustrated with the outrageous legal fees attached to protecting your business and employees?

The reality is that the wealthy are able to take advantage of an aray of legal services, and lower income families have access to legal aid. However, there is nothing in place for citizens of the middle class, which is where the majority of Canadians are situated. Everyone needs legal help at one point or another, from buying/selling a house, to drafting a will, or running a business. When that time comes we are left to pay astronomical prices, up to and above $400 per hour and that’s only for a meeting!

Come and learn some of the ways you can achieve total security and help yourself become worry-free.

Who is it for?

This session is not just for part-time or full-time employees, but everyone including: students, teachers, taxi drivers, police officers, marketers, accountants, or anyone who wants peace of mind knowing they have absolute legal protection. Legal protection is important for everyone and should be affordable to everyone as well. Come see how easy it is to solve any legal problems you may have, all for a low monthly cost.

Why you need to come?

Stop the worrying and finally be confident that you are getting the maximum attention and benefits from your legal specialists. This is a one-time opportunity to achieve that legal satisfaction in all areas of your life that you have been looking for. This information session provides you with opportunities to get a unique service with a priceless benefit that gives you a peaceful, satisfied and worry-free attitude.

Bring Your Friends Along!

If you know someone that is also looking for this peace of mind and total security, then invite them. This information session is for everyone, regardless of age or position. It is time for you and your friends to have that much-desired access to quality legal service, without having to worry about cost.

A woman had bought a pair of running shoes from one of the top exercise apparel companies in the world, and they squeaked whenever she wore them. She attempted to take them back to the store, but they refused to do anything for her. Fortunately this woman was a member of this service, so she called her law firm. They sent a letter on her behalf and the company sent her a brand new pair of shoes. This cost her NOTHING and in fact is just part of the great service you can except to receive.

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