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I would like to introduce you to our sister company, Blackthorn Investment Group Inc. http://www.blackthorninvestments.com/

Blackthorn Investment Group Inc. is a Real Estate investment company dedicated to your financial health and wealth.

  • Do you have funds that you want to invest without the headaches of the stock market and mutual funds? We can help. Invest with us for returns of 12 to 15%
  • Do you have Real Estate property that you would like to sell? We can help. We pay fast cash for properties with no real estate fees to you. We can purchase your property fast and all cash within 21 days.
  • Are you tired of the un-predictable ups and downs of the stock market and your mutual funds?
  • Are you bothered on how much of your investment gains are eaten up in fees and taxes?
  • Are you aware that your mutual funds are charged 2 to 4% in management fees?
  • Are you upset with banks that are paying you low interest and charging you higher and higher fee's while making millions from loans and mortgages they write using your deposited money?

Make money like the banks do, investing in Mortgages and Real Estate.

We currently have an exceptional investment opportunity for our clients that will pay you a 15% return.

Call us to discuss these opportunities which will earn you a higher return, as well as taking away the headaches, fees and ups and downs of mutual funds that can wipe out your investments.

Visit our Real Estate investor group site at:



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Visit us at our Location: 2120 North Park Drive (Suite 9), Brampton, Ontario, L6S 0C9. Main intersection is Torbram Rd. and North Park Drive
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