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Are You An Independent Contractor?

Is the Cost of Tools Taking Away from Your Profits?

Are you an independent contractor working long hours?

Are you an independent contractor and you want to keep more of your money in your pocket?

Are you an independent contractor who is spending too much of his or her money on purchasing the tools he needs for his job?

The Independent Contractor's Costs

You have taken the first step in offsetting some of these costs. You have come to the perfect place to solve all the problems related to costs for independent contractors. We understand that costs are increasing every day and it is taking away from your hard-earned profits as an independent contractor. We are here to help you!

We Are Here for You

We are here to provide independent contractors with excellent guidance on how to keep your costs low and achieve higher profit levels. We will help you accomplish this by finding all the tax credit that you are eligible to receive from the government.

We offer the best services to independent contractors like yourself looking for tax credits.

We also provide business development services to entrepreneurs, independent contractors and small business owners. Book your free consultation meeting with us today and start your path towards long-term success.

The Independent Contractor Tool Expense Credit

As an independent contractor, you may be able to deduct the cost of eligible tools you purchased throughout the year to earn employment income. This cost includes any GST/HST you have paid on each tool. This is an incredible incentive provided by the government for independent contractors. We can help you receive this independent contractor tax credit, without you having to worry about the bureaucratic process and the paper work.

You need to focus on your work as an independent contractor and let us focus on providing you the best tax returns possible!

Independent Contractor Eligible Tools

As an independent contractor, deductible tools must be:
  • Purchased for professional use only
  • Certified by the employer as a condition of you performing your job as an independent contractor
  • A non-electronic device (i.e. not a cellphone or piece of electronic data processing equipment)

independent contractor tax credit

Services for the Independent Contractor

We will...
  • Offer your independent contractor tax credits with your personal tax returns at minimal costs to you.
  • Provide you with a fast, reliable, and highly effective service.
  • Make sure you receive the highest write-off available to you as an independent contractor.
  • Research all other tax credits that you are eligible for.
  • Make sure we put more money back into your pocket from the Canadian Government.

Blackthorn Group

We are a fast growing organization in the GTA area. We have extraordinary experience in the field of taxation and tax credits for independent contractors. Our professional, dedicated, and talented tax preparation team is always on hand to help you with any questions or concerns that you have.

Do not hesitate to contact us to book your free consultation appointment and learn more about tax credits for independent contractors. You have nothing to lose, so what are you waiting for?

We are dedicated to your financial health and wealth.

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