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Avoid the cost of making a will by having a legal plan

Had Difficulties Updating or Writing Your Will?

Avoid the Cost of Making a Will

Writing your will can be a difficult process, but making sure it is created and maintained properly is imperative. In the event that something should happen to you, your will is what determines the proper distribution of your estate…
Cost of Writing a Will
  • Have you properly completed your will?
  • Can you guarantee that it has been created and maintained accurately?
  • Have you had a professional verify, not only the creation, but each adjustment you make to your will?
  • Are you trying to avoid the cost of making a will?

Ensuring that your will is created and maintained adequately will guarantee that your estate is handled properly in the event that something happens to you. It is imperative that you make certain your loved ones receive what it is they are entitled to.

The cost of making a will can be quite extreme, especially if you need to make adjustments. Having access to a legal plan will enable you to build a valid will with a top-notch attorney, so that you can make sure your estate is taken care of the way you want while still avoiding the cost of making a will.

Do I Need to Have a Will?

YES! It is important that EVERYONE has a valid will set in place. If you choose not to create a will your property may not go to the people that you wish to benefit. In fact, there are certain procedures set in place by the courts to handle your estate when you pass away without a will. It is a complicated process, which commonly leads to legal disputes over ‘who gets what’ amongst survivors. It can make the administration of your estate more painful than it already is.

Why Can’t I Create My Will Myself to Avoid the Cost of Making a Will Altogether?

Writing a will is a difficult process that is best handled by an experienced attorney. Creating or maintaining your will yourself is very risky and not recommended, as there are specific and complicated procedures that must be followed.

Why Can’t I Update a Will that has been Professionally Created Myself?

Life situations change all the time. People get married, divorced, have kids, grandkids…as your life changes, your will must change with it.

When you make adjustments to your own will, there is always a chance that the changes have not implemented correctly and therefore have not been made valid. In some cases, wills have been completely dismissed due to inaccurate changes, leaving their estate to be handled by the courts. Ensure these updates are made correctly by a professional. 

Having your will professionally instituted and upheld by an attorney will help you to ensure:
  • That your estate is handled the way YOU WANT
  • The changes and updates you make are VALID, and
  • Your loved ones receive what is rightfully theirs
As a member of a legal plan, you can have your will created by a professional and ensure that your estate will be handled the way you want. You can also make as many updates as you need to, and feel at ease knowing each change has been made correctly. And since you have unlimited access to your legal plan, you will diminish your cost of making a will.

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