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Are Your Business Expenses Getting Out of Control?

We Can Help You Write-Off All Your Business Expenses

Blackthorn Group and Your Business Expenses

business expensesBlackthorn Group encourages entrepreneurship and small businesses. We have a business development section that helps new business or existing small businesses to development of their business plans, reduce expenses, and increase sales.

Do you need guidance on how to operate your business and your business expenses?

Do you need help in understanding your business expenses and which costs are eligible to be deducted for tax purposes?

You have come to the RIGHT PLACE! We will give you guidance on some business expenses that you are allowed to deduct as part of your process to earn income.

Advertisement Costs as Business Expenses

You are allowed to deduct advertisement costs for advertisement with Canadian newspapers, television, radio stations and flyers as business expenses. However, you cannot deduct advertisement costs when your advertisement is used for the Canadian market while you are using a foreign broadcaster.

Start-Up Costs as Business Expenses

You are allowed to deduct any start-up costs you incurred as a result of opening up a new business. You must have been running your business in the fiscal period for which the costs have occurred in order to count them as business expenses. Keeping receipts from such business expenses is very helpful.

Our business development department will work alongside you to help you plan your business strategy. We will help you open up your first location. Feel free to contact us and we will discuss with you how we can become your partners in your journey of entrepreneurship.

Home Business Expenses

Canadians are taking advantage of this business expense tax credit. Many entreprenuers start their businesses from their basements or living rooms. There are many business expenses that you can deduct that are related to working from your own home.

You will be able to deduct business expenses for business use of home if you meet one of the following two criteria:

  • It is your principal place of business
  • You use the space to only earn business income and regularly meet clients, customers, or patients

We are just one phone call away in helping you write off your home expenses as part of your business expenses. We will utilize all your business expenses to help reduce your taxes payable at the end of the year. Our corporate tax return rates are very competitive and the money you save with the business expense tax credit will be used to pay our fee! You won’t have to pay us anything extra.

Vehicle Costs as Business Expenses

business expenses

Did you know you can deduct vehicle expenses? If you use a personal vehicle to earn income, then you are eligible to write off these costs as business expenses.

Book your FREE consultation appointment today! We provide fast, reliable, and effective solutions for all your business needs. We can help you deduct many other costs associated with using your home space for business use.

We have a team of professionals that are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals! Feel free to contact us at 905 789 8827. We are dedicated to your financial health and wealth.

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