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Building a Business Seminar

Half-Day Business and Marketing Seminar

Building a Business
Are you at a stand-still in the business world, looking to take the wheel but not sure which way to turn?
Whether you are young or old, a student or retiree, a budding entrepreneur or simply an employee curious about residual income, this seminar is for you.

Sign up today to learn from the professionals at Blackthorn Bookkeeping the ins and outs of business start-up, management and marketing!

Why Should I Learn How to Build a Business?

Building a small business is one of the best ways to earn income. It means you can call the shots in your own career instead of having them dictated by someone else. It means you can create a system that brings in revenue even in your absence instead of clocking in and out every day. It means you can save huge on taxes instead of giving most of your income to the government. Building a business means you’re in control.
However, like anything worth doing, building a business involves risk. 80% of new businesses fail within the first five years, and this is largely a result of ill-conceived business-building strategies, not low quality products and services.

Most new business owners simply do not know enough about building a business and making that business visible in the modern, fast-paced and high-tech marketplace. Your best option, then, is to learn the most effective and relevant tools in business and marketing from professionals who have put them into practice.
Blackthorn Bookkeeping has not only acquired and implemented business and marketing strategies that have resulted in our exponential growth in spite of the recent economic recession, but we are also fully committed to sharing this knowledge with anyone who has the same dream – building a business.

What Will I Learn?

In this affordable, easy-to-understand 3-hour business and marketing seminar, you will learn from our CEO Craig Dunkerley how to build a business. With decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge, he will show you the keys to capitalizing on all the benefits that business ownership can offer. These include:Building a Business
  • The steps involved in business start-up
  • The strategies that will facilitate business growth
  • The skills necessary to keep up with the newest, primarily online networking trends
  • The power to present your business effectively within those networks
  • The best ways to construct a productive team in a healthy working environment

When and Where?

You have already started down the path to success. Your next step is just a click away.
Why spend thousands on time-consuming and confusing business courses when you can take one afternoon to learn business-building strategies from an industry leader who has proven them to be effective? Speaker and Blackthorn Group CEO Craig Dunkerley runs our 3-hour Business and Marketing Seminars regularly at our location in Brampton, and at an affordable price: just $397.00!
To reserve your spot, simply look through our online calendar to find a seminar that fits your schedule, and sign up online.
This seminar is in high demand and spaces are limited, so register today to learn how to build a business and bypass all the obstacles on your way to financial freedom!

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