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Auditory Impairment

Auditory Impairment

Do You Have Hearing Problems and Feel You’re Paying Too Much Tax?

You may think that you have to have a complete hearing loss in order to be considered for the Disability Tax Credit, but it actually applies to much wider range of people. While complete deafness will certainly qualify you for the Disability Tax Credit, you can get the same tax benefits if you simply have an auditory impairment that restricts your everyday activities.

Click HERE if you auditory impairment is restricting your from performing your day-to-day activities.

If this has led you to incur various expenses, you can deduct these costs from your taxable income, which means you will owe less to the government or, if you don’t owe anything, you may get a substantial refund!

Will My Auditory Impairment Qualify Me?
 Auditory Impairment, Tax Credit

Have you struggled with hearing problems? Are you obligated to purchase expensive products and treatment to compensate for your impairment? Do the products you purchase only assist you rather than completely eradicate your impairment?
Well whether it does or not YOU ARE STILL able to deduct these expenses and get money back from the government.


Which Costs Can I Deduct?

There is a large variety of expenses that can be claimed under the Disability Tax Credit. If you have a prolonged hearing disability, you may have purchased some of the following items to help you perform daily activities:
  • Rehabilitative therapy after loss of hearing
  • Real-time captioning
  • Sign-language services
  • Teletypewriters
  • Television closed caption decoders
  • Visual or vibratory signalling device
  • Volume control features
  • and Others
 This tax credit system has been put in place so that you can offset these financial obligations, so if you are not taking advantage of this opportunity, you are paying too much in taxes! Take advantage of this opportunity now Click HERE
What Can Blackthorn Bookkeeping Do For You?

The taxation experts at Blackthorn Bookkeeping are well-versed in the requirements and benefits of the auditory impairment component of the Disability Tax Credit, and are dedicated to getting you the best possible results, by:
  • Helping you get the right documentation from your certified medical practitioner
  • Identifying and filing all the appropriate expenses
  • Completing and processing your Disability Tax Credit application, while keeping you updated on its status
  • Providing you with the best possible refund with your tax return
Every day, we help people just like you get more money back from the government than they ever dreamed possible!
If you want to file your application for the Disability Tax Credit, file your tax return, or if you just want more information, contact us today to arrange a free consultation when it is most convenient for you!

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