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  1. You have likely been told over and over to “save your receipts” for tax season. As the saying goes “Every drop makes an ocean.” 

    Saving your receipts throughout the year could save you a lot in taxes at the year end. It is an added bonus if you organize them as you go and sort them by category.  If this doesn’t work for you…don’t worry…find a safe place (shoe box, file folder, etc) and let your bookkeeper sort them out for you at the end of the year.

  2. File your taxes even if you had no or minimal incomes!

  3. Why is it important to file my taxes on time?

    It is amazing how quickly tax season seems to sneak up on many people. Especially when it is never a good idea to rush your taxes, as rushing often leads to people settling for less. They often overlook certain expenses or credits available to them. Staying on top of your taxes throughout the year would not only help you avoid any late penalties and interest charges, but it will also help you in maximizing your credits and expenses.

  4. In continuation of the previous blog on disability tax credit; this is one of the least know credits among Canadians. Getting approved for this credit means, putting more money in your pocket and paying less tax. There are several different types of disabilities which are covered under this credit.
  5. The Key to Employee Productivity

    I have spent the last few years of my life hoping to find an employer who has a lot to offer but at the same time cares about its employees. It was definitely a struggle. As the years passed, the thought of finding such an employer became a dream and far from reality, until now.
    I have finally found an employer who is passionate about his business but also cares about the well-being of his employees. I had longed to work for a company who had such a great team.
  6. Disclaimer: You don’t have to be completely disabled to be eligible for the Disability Tax Credit. You just have to be markedly restricted.

    What You Need to Know About this Tax Credit

    You will see in this article various scenarios that may qualify you for this tax credit, but you are not limited to those reasons.
  7. Tax Credits that work for YOU!

    There are many tax credits that the average person is unaware of. Matters of fact families are losing out on a lot of money come tax time.

    So I will be doing a series of articles about tax credits; “Tax Credits that work for YOU!” First I will discuss the Children’s Fitness credit and Children’s Arts Credit.

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