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About Us

Craig Dunkerley, CEO and Founder

As Founder and CEO of Blackthorn Group, Craig’s passion is to help other’s find financial improvement and success. This notion is not only infectious but a testament to the company itself. It is one of his greatest beliefs that everyone should own a business to maximize their tax advantages along with taking control of their own life and future. He is driven to make a positive difference in people’s lives. One of his favourite quotes told to him by one of his mentor’s is: “For me to make a dime, I must help you make a dollar”. It is no wonder then since 2002 Blackthorn has grown significantly in volume, client base and business partnerships. Craig has worked closely with many people to help them achieve their business and investment dreams, moving them to financial freedom. This dedication is not only enjoyed by his family, friends, clients and partners but his incredible team as well. He encourages all to strive for the best they can be and sets the example for what is truly possible.
Many clients have stated that the Blackthorn team has a positive contagious nature along with being the only organization they have come across that brings together Income, Business, Investing, Taxes and Personal Growth all into one structure. This huge advantage enables clients to truly reap the Benefits that come with knowing and feeling secure about their finances.
As Craig discovers anything successful he brings it to his clients and partners, either as a service, or to teach them how to accomplish it. It is this notion that has evolved the company into our other areas of services which in 2004 saw the launch of Blackthorn Investment Group, a company whose main areas of activities are in client financial analysis and Real Estate Investment partnerships.
In 2011, the company further expanded with the addition of Blackthorn Online, a company focused on encouraging, guiding, training and supporting individuals into business ownership through our strong business background and intensive training in internet marketing.
As the owner of six businesses and the father of 3 children, Craig encourages all including his family to strive for their goals by helping others achieve theirs. Craig sets the example at Blackthorn to Lead with Service and continually striving to exceed expectations that his team follows through with every day. 

At Blackthorn Bookkeeping, we are dedicated to your financial health as well as improving your business environment and your financial stability.

We service small and medium size businesses with their bookkeeping, cost accounting, and tax preparation needs.

As well as assisting individuals in need of consolidating finances, debt control, investment management and personal budgeting.  Every one of our clients is important to us and every effort is put forth to exceed the expectations of you and your company.

RecommendationsBlackthorn Accounting services will help you through the difficulties of completing your bookkeeping, cost accounting and tax preparation needs. We are are an all encompassing organization built with your company in mind. We will complete your bookkeeping, cost accounting and tax return for the best financial return. We strive to exceed what you would expect from your bookkeeper and tax preparation specialist using the latest tax software.

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